Westwall Online connects you to the Western Wall in Jerusalem
through physical note delivery within 24h and photo confirmation.

Mint your notes as NFTs and use our Web3 wall on the blockchain
to turn your dreams into reality on our Marketplace of wishes.

Experience the power of tech at the heart of spirituality.
Making charity go DAO

Westwall Online is reducing barriers for both big charity funds and DAO crypto projects, opening the charity process for two groups of people: the DAO type of big communities to choose what type of donation will their project makes
and the single donators with a unique motivation reward system.

DAO charity donation meets the royalty bonus.

Project mandate: WALL is the first social platform that provides royalties for active donators up to 95% for more good deeds.
WALL enables potent donators to maximize their donation by Dynamic Predictive segmentation.
WALL dynamically analyses Data-Driven customer experience and changes itself to connect each Donator with a more suitable Fund.

WALL is an infrastructure platform and marketplace of wishes for regular charity funds to enter the world of blockchain.

Our vision is to provide charity funds and donators with a gamified experience and with an NFT donation system for all the DAO crypto projects.

Key features: ”NFT Wall of wishes” - write down your wish, mint your NFT WISH, and place it on the WALL.

DAO vote system - DAO participants choose with a drag-and-drop interface for the NFT WISH to whom their project will donate.

Fonds Reputation - based on proven documents and historical track record.

Donator reputation - Through their participation in` WALL, donators earn a reputation within the platform, unlocking extra royalties to make more good deeds. We use tokens, POAP, etc.

Top Funds and Donators are rewarded with $WALL social tokens. Saving substantial gas by pooling donations with charity funds that provide NFT WISHes to the same protocol.
Each time someone donates and takes an NFT WISH from the WALL royalty goes to the fund that minted the NFT WISH.
DAO will provide their special drops for all the NFT WISH holders within their community.

WALL DAO vote system: A drag-n-drop no-code vidual interface built for DAO projects.
- Easy for DAO admin to build a timeline, choose NFT WISHes to vote, collect all the votes, and make a donation.
- Clashing projects to motivate their participants to own a BRICK in the wall of wishes.
- Auto investing small donations pool to BRICK owners.

BRICKS in the WALL. We believe that DAO participants are the frontier of crypto charity and we are here to support them.
WALL allows its donators to become crypto charity funds.
The first who donate to the wish can replace it on the wall and get up to 95% back for more good deeds and can place their NFTs with the wish on the WALL to make a BRICK.

Picking the NFT WISHes from the WALL and placing them back with their own NFTs allow them to share with other donators, and raise unimaginably more charity than they can do before.
Support the WISH they picked from the WALL to become true by adding NFT royalties to the fund pool.
To create a donator profile representing your charity philosophy, your way of thinking, and a proven impact.

WALL is the long-awaited toolbox that offers funds and crypto projects a way to make the donation process with maximum efficiency, fun, and proven impact.

Getting paid for helping new NFT WISHES to come true and sharing your NFTs, ideas, and wishes with the help of WALL platform infrastructure. The goal is to achieve a minimal fee structure and maximal donation opportunities.

Data-Driven customer experience - All good people love to help, but we all have a different approach toward the object.
WALL will dynamically analyze the experience of each donator and will offer the best WISH for him.

Empowered donators decide where to engage and what WISH to fulfill.
Every time the donator comes across an improved expert empowered their expectations for all following interactions to rise to a higher level.
We will reach the right donator at the right time with the right WISH with segmentations of donators based on propensities to take a specific action grouped by the most important shared characteristics revealed for each segment. Donation Segments and their associated characteristics change dynamically in real-time, based on new data from customer interactions.
Creating vote choices with the Donation Segment maximally relevant to each DAO crypto project.

Segmentation is based on attributes that predict behavior accomplished through regression-based methods. Donation Segments and their associated characteristics change dynamically in real-time, based on new data from customer interactions.

There are a few parameters when it comes to Data-Driven customer experience in charity: the category of the donation (single or group/fond), leverage donation offer, and the volume of funds donated.

WALL Users
WALL platform allows DONATORS to be active within various aspects of the platform.
Reviews - Users will be able to rate WISHes by on-chain voting, evaluating not only fund money risen results but also a story that goes under the WISH or its possessor.
Users holding min of 25 $WALL can place their WISHES on the WALL as NFT (or NFT collection for bigger funds) or assign their DONATION to one of the WALL smart contract pools that execute the donation process for the specific WISH.

The smart contract acts as a mediator between the WISH and all the multiple protocols the DAO crypto project use. That helps the DAO members to simplify their project charity status at the given moment.
Multi-layered DONATOR access - DONATOR will have the ability to unlock multiple layers of access based on their $WALL staked, their interaction with the platform, and their participation within governance structures for example higher tiers will get access to WALL pool DAO, early access to BRICKS, instant messages and notifications about new WISHES, reduced commission and more.

Whether you are a big DAO crypto project or just an average folk, you can donate like the best and add impact for any wish to come true.

FUNDS can easily monitor the donation performance from the WALL and get donations with nearly zero fees.

Thanks to WALL analytics, investors can track exactly what WISHes each user has made in the past. The DONATORS can also see how many were donated for each WISH.

WALL is also positioned to satisfy the big charity funds who wish to be involved with performing the charity generation process with maximum time efficiency and without the cost-ineffective processes involved in this type of activity in traditional charity.

DONATION, fees, and WISH generating and how the system works:
WALL is all about gamified marketplace connecting both WISH possessors (funds and individuals) with the DONATORS. In addition, our platform provides the infrastructure for minimizing costs and time for charity processing.


For these purposes, WALL will invest the liquidity according to the Figma blueprint attached in the link above. Typically each wish will have at least 2 cycles daily.

When users DONATE funds into WISH, the funds will always be processed in the following cycle.
The same applies to the WISH possessors, for example, if a WISH possessor issues a withdrawal, the funds will be released in the upcoming cycle.
WALL guarantees 1 cycle every 24 hours - 7 days a week.

WALL takes a commission from the BRICK and WISHes generating and WISHes replacing. The fees may vary depending on the network’s average gas cost and the complexity of the BRICK generated
(if its owner’s NFTs are included) however, are set to a max of 1%.

In addition, the BRICK owner (FIRST DONATOR) receives a commission from the rest donators that will want to be the next owners of the BRICK.

WALL takes no entry fees, exit fees, or management fees.

All fees are fully disclosed in each DONATION section on the WALL.

WALL Developers:
In order to provide the richest, most up-to-date work environment for our DONATORs, we have to implement a large number of protocols and other tools. To this end, we will offer all developers the option to add protocols, tools, and features.

The WALL team will launch the beta ver with integrations focused on ETH, Matic, and BNB.
And soon after introduce cross-chain donation processes connecting ETH to Solana and more.

20% of the WALL pool (TGE) will be reserved for development bounties and rewards in the following manner:
Released in a linear manner for 36 month period. The total fixed daily amount will be released to the developer’s wallet according to the total volume used through each one of the protocols, chains, and functions created. This way we encourage developers to create things that they believe users will really need and to involve more funds in the process.

The $WALL Token
Token Name: West Wall Wish token
Ticker: $WALL
Type: ERC20
Total supply: (X)M

Use cases:
ACCESS: In order to generate your WISH on the WALL all users will need to hold at least 25 $WALL in their wallet.
Staking/Rewards: $WALL holders can maximize their impact by gaining up to 95% of their donation back with the BRICK system.
Tiers: The more you donate the higher tier you can get. Higher tiers can access VIP airdrops, WALL POOL DAO, wish collections generation, and so on.
$WALL holders will be able to provide reviews on WISHes and donators and approve new integrations with DONATOR’s Crypto Projects.
WISH possessors can decide to limit charity donations to $WALL holders only.

Q1 2023
Seed sale
Platform, smart contract, protocols integrations, and network development.
Involving top funds to help launch platforms with A-class world charity providers.
Private WISH generation and Crypto projects DONATORs involve.

Q2 2023
First BRICKS are generated.
Public DONATORs involve and WISH generation. Launch on the major launchpad with MVP on ETH including some of the major protocols integrated into the donation process, i.e. Pancake, VENUS (etc. Still on the checklist)

Q3 2023
Initiating bounty rewards for developers to add integration with different protocols.

Q4 2023
New development tools for gas fees savings and multi-cross-chain.

Roadmap will be updated.